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weak teacher – chapter 9

weak teacher – chapter 9

Weak Teacher

Chapter 9

The teacher is weak. The students are weak. The school is weak. But together, they can be strong.

When the teacher is weak, the students are strong. They can get away with anything. They can talk back, they can disrupt the class, they can even sleep in class!

But when the students are weak, the teacher is strong. The teacher can control the class, the teacher can make the students do what they want, and the teacher can even make the students learn!

So what’s the secret to being a strong teacher? It’s simple: be strong yourself.

When you’re strong, the students will be weak. When you’re weak, the students will be strong. It’s that simple.

But being strong isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work. It takes dedication. It takes commitment.

But it’s worth it. Because when you’re a strong teacher, the students will be weak. And that’s when you can really make a difference.

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