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tumblr sissies

tumblr sissies

What are tumblr sissies?

Tumblr sissies are people who identify as sissy on the social media platform Tumblr. Sissy is a term typically used to describe a submissive or effeminate man, and is often used in a pejorative way. However, some men who identify as sissy on Tumblr use the term proudly, and see it as a way to subvert traditional gender roles.

The sissy community on Tumblr

The sissy community on Tumblr is a tight-knit group of people who support and encourage each other. This community is often very sex-positive, and members frequently post erotic stories and artwork featuring sissy characters. Members of the community also often discuss topics like feminization, sissy training, and Forced Femme.

Why do people become tumblr sissies?

There are many reasons why people might become tumblr sissies. For some, it may be a way to explore their femininity or submissive side. For others, it may be a way to challenge traditional gender roles. Still others might see it as a way to express their sexuality in a safe and accepting community. Whatever the reason, there is no one correct answer.

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