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tumblr pawg

tumblr pawg

A «tumblr pawg» is a term used to describe a curvaceous woman with a large posterior, who is popular on the social media site Tumblr. The term is a play on the acronym «PAWG» (Phat Ass White Girl), which is itself a slang term for a voluptuous white woman with a large backside.

A tumblr pawg is typically a woman of average height with a large, round butt. She may also have a fuller figure, with large breasts and/or hips. The term is generally used to describe white women, but can also be applied to women of other races who fit the physical description.

The term «tumblr pawg» is often used as a compliment, but it can also be seen as objectifying or degrading. Some women may embrace the term, while others may find it offensive.

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