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tumblr nudies

tumblr nudies

A popular subgenre of pornography on Tumblr is so-called «nudies.» Nudies are images or videos of people, usually women, who are naked or partially naked. These images and videos are typically found on Tumblr blogs dedicated to this type of content. While some of these blogs are run by professional pornographers, many are simply run by amateur enthusiasts.

The appeal of nudies for many Tumblr users is the fact that they are often more «real» than traditional mainstream pornography. That is, they often depict people of all shapes and sizes, as opposed to the more typical thin and conventionally attractive women found in mainstream porn. This can make nudies more relatable and, therefore, more arousing for some viewers.

Another appeal of nudies is that they are often more candid and less produced than traditional pornography. Again, because they are typically made by amateurs, they often lack the polish of professional productions. This can make them feel more intimate and personal, as if the viewer is seeing something they are not supposed to be seeing.

If you’re interested in viewing some Tumblr nudies, there are a few things you should know. First, because this type of content is not always easy to find, it’s a good idea to search for specific Tumblr blogs dedicated to nudies. Second, because nudies are sometimes taken down by Tumblr’s administrators, it’s a good idea to have a few backup blogs in case your favorite gets taken down.

Here are a few Tumblr blogs dedicated to nudies: