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the yakuzas guide to babysitting ch 1

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

Ch 1

The yakuzas are a notoriously ruthless and feared criminal organization in Japan. They are also known for their strict code of honor and their strict adherence to the rules of their organization. So, when it comes to babysitting, they are the ultimate experts.

Here are the yakuzas’ top tips for babysitting:

1. never underestimate the power of a pacifier

A pacifier can be a powerful tool when it comes to calming a crying baby. It can also be used to keep a baby occupied and out of trouble.

2. always be prepared for a diaper change

Diaper changes are a necessary part of babysitting, and they can be messy. always be prepared with a clean diaper, wipes, and a changing pad.

3. never leave a baby unattended

Babies are curious and can get into all sorts of trouble if they are left unattended. Always keep a watchful eye on your charge.

4. know your baby’s schedule

Babies have all sorts of schedules, and it is important to know when your baby will be hungry, sleepy, or need a diaper change. This will help you keep your baby on track and prevent meltdowns.

5. be patient

Babies can be frustrating, but it is important to be patient. They are learning and growing, and they will get the hang of things eventually.