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the scholars reincarnation chapter 189

The Scholars Reincarnation Chapter 189

The Scholars Reincarnation Chapter 189

In the past, the scholars reincarnation chapter 189 was a very popular novel. It was written in a very simple and concise style, and was easy to read. However, the author died before the novel was finished, and the ending was never released. As a result, the novel was never truly completed, and many people were left wondering what happened to the characters.

Recently, a fan of the novel decided to write their own version of the ending, and released it online. This new ending has been very well received by fans of the original novel, and has even managed to attract new readers. It is clear that the scholar’s reincarnation chapter 189 is still a very popular story, even though it was never truly finished.

The New Ending

In the new ending, the protagonist finally manages to find the reincarnation of his lost love. However, she is now a different person, and he is not sure whether he can truly trust her. Nonetheless, they manage to overcome all the obstacles in their way and finally be together again. The new ending is much more satisfying than the original, and gives fans of the novel a proper conclusion to the story.

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