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the return of the crazy demon chapter 31

The Return of the Crazy Demon, Chapter 31

It had been a month since the demon had last shown himself, and everyone had started to believe that he was gone for good. But then, one day, he returned.

At first, everyone was relieved. But then they realized that the demon was even crazier than before. He would fly into fits of rage, destroying anything and everything in sight.

The people were terrified. They had no idea how to deal with this demon.

Finally, the king had had enough. He called for the best warriors in the land to come and fight the demon.

And so they did. But no matter how hard they fought, they could not defeat the demon.

In the end, the king had no choice but to banish the demon from the kingdom.

And so the demon was gone, but the people were still left with the memories of his terror.

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