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shikkaku mon no saikyou kenja ch 52

shikkaku mon no saikyou kenja ch 52

The Strongest Wizard Chapter 52

Lyle was walking around the dungeon, thinking about the recent events.

He had just returned from his battle with the demon king, and had been training hard ever since.

Suddenly, he felt a strong presence behind him.

He turned around to see a large, muscular man standing there.

The man was easily twice Lyle’s size, and was wearing armor that looked like it could withstand a lot of damage.

Lyle didn’t know who this man was, but he could tell that he was strong.

The man spoke in a deep, booming voice. «You are the wizard Lyle, correct?»

Lyle nodded.

The man continued. «I am the king of the wizards, Garius. I have come to challenge you to a duel.»

Lyle was surprised. He had never heard of this wizard king before.

But he didn’t hesitate to accept the challenge.

The two wizards began to battle.

Lyle was using all of his power, but he was still no match for the king.

The king was about to deliver the final blow, when Lyle suddenly remembered something.

He cast a spell that created a large barrier around him.

The king’s attack hit the barrier and was redirected back at him.

The king was hit with his own attack and was knocked unconscious.

Lyle had won.

He was now the strongest wizard in the world.