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seoul stations necromancer chapter 31

Seoul Stations Necromancer Chapter 31

Necromancer at Seoul Station

31 was the day that the necromancer set up shop in seoul station. For a week prior, strange fliers appeared all around the city. They were filled with cryptic messages and phone numbers, and they piqued the curiosity of many. Those who called the number were greeted by a voice that told them to come to seoul station on a certain day, and to bring a friend. Of course, most people thought it was a prank, but there were a few who were intrigued enough to show up. And so, on the day that was promised, they came to the station, and they saw the necromancer.

He was a tall man, draped in a black cloak. His eyes were hidden behind a mask, and his hands were gloved. He set up a small table in the middle of the station, and on it he placed a deck of cards. He invited the passersby to come and sit with him, and to pick a card. And so they did. One by one, they each chose a card, and as they did, the necromancer would tell them their fortune. Some of the fortunes were good, and some were bad. But all of them were accurate. The necromancer knew things that he shouldn’t have known, and he used this to his advantage. He soon had a large following, and people would come from all over the city to hear his predictions.

But the necromancer was not content with simply telling fortunes. He wanted more. He wanted to raise the dead. And so he began to experiment with his powers. He would choose one person from his audience, and he would try to raise them from the dead. But it never worked. The person would always end up as a mindless zombie, and the necromancer would have to put them down. This didn’t deter him, though. He kept trying, and he eventually succeeded in raising a person from the dead. But this person was not like the others. They retained their memories and their intelligence. They were, for all intents and purposes, alive. The necromancer was elated. Finally, he had succeeded in his goal. But the person he had raised was not happy. They were scared and confused, and they wanted nothing more than to go back to their death. The necromancer, not understanding this, kept them captive and experimented on them. He wanted to know how he could raise the dead and keep them under his control. But the person he had raised could not tell him. They could only scream and beg for death.

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The necromancer was eventually caught by the authorities and was sentenced to death. But the people he had raised from the dead were left to wander the earth, lost and confused. They were the necromancer’s legacy, and they would never be able to rest in peace.

Necromancer’s Victims

The necromancer’s victims were many. Some were men, some were women, and some were children. But all of them shared one thing in common: they were all dead. The necromancer had raised them from the dead, and they were now his slaves. They would do whatever he asked of them, and they would never be able to rest. They were doomed to wander the earth forever, searching for a way to break free from the necromancer’s grasp. But they would never find it. They would never be able to escape their fate.