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return of the mount hua sect – chapter 47

Return of the Mount Hua Sect – Chapter 47

The Mount Hua Sect had been destroyed for over a year, but its members had not given up hope. One day, a group of them finally managed to find the hidden location of their former leader, Sima Yi. Sima Yi had been in hiding since the destruction of the sect, but he welcomed his old friends and told them that he had been waiting for them.

The group was eager to revive the sect, but Sima Yi warned them that it would not be easy. The world had changed in the year since the sect’s destruction, and they would need to be careful. Nevertheless, the group was determined to try, and Sima Yi agreed to help them.

The first step was to find new members. This was not easy, as many people had been scared off by the sect’s reputation. However, the group was able to find a few willing recruits, and they began to train them in the sect’s ways.

The new members were not as strong as the original members, but they were willing to learn and fight. With Sima Yi’s help, the sect began to grow again. Slowly but surely, they began to make a name for themselves once more.

The Return of the Mount Hua Sect

The Mount Hua Sect is back and stronger than ever! With the help of our new members, we are ready to take on the world!

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