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return of the mad demon chapter 31

Return of the Mad Demon Chapter 31

It had been two weeks since the demon had been killed, and the town was finally starting to return to normal. The streets were filled with people and the shops were open for business.

The townspeople were still talking about the demon, and some even said that they had seen it again. But no one could say for sure if it was really the demon or just their imagination.

One night, a group of people were gathered around a fire, telling stories about the demon.

The Return of the Mad Demon

One man said that he had seen the demon again. He said that it was just as evil as before and that it was still looking for revenge.

Another man said that he had seen the demon too. But he said that it wasn’t evil, just misunderstood. He said that the demon was just looking for a place to belong.

A woman said that she had also seen the demon. But she said that it wasn’t evil or misunderstood. She said that the demon was just sad and lonely.

No one knows for sure if the demon is really back or not. But one thing is for sure, the townspeople are still afraid of it.

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