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reincarnation of the suicidal battle god 34

Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God 34

In his previous life, the God of War was known as the most fearless and ferocious warrior in all the land. He was unstoppable in battle and seemed to possess an unending supply of strength and energy. However, one day he met his match. In a great battle, the God of War was defeated and killed. As he lay dying, he cursed the Gods, vowing to return and take revenge.

True to his word, the God of War was reborn. But in his new life, he was different. He was no longer the fearless warrior he once was. Now, he was plagued by doubt and fear. He was no longer the unstoppable force he once was. He was weak and vulnerable.

But the God of War was not content to stay weak. He worked hard to regain his strength and power. And finally, he was ready to take on the Gods once again. This time, he was determined to win.

The Battle

The God of War charged into battle, fighting with all his might. But once again, he was defeated. The Gods were simply too powerful for him. As he lay dying, the God of War cursed the Gods once again, vowing to return and take revenge.

And so the cycle continued. The God of War would be reborn, grow weak, regain his strength, and then battle the Gods again. And each time, he would be defeated. But he never gave up. He was determined to take revenge on the Gods, no matter how many times he had to die to do it.


The End

Finally, after countless lifetimes, the God of War was victorious. He defeated the Gods and took his revenge. But in doing so, he destroyed himself. And so the cycle of reincarnation began anew…

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