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reincarnation of the murim clans former ranker chapter 17

Reincarnation of the Murim Clans Former Ranker Chapter 17

The Murim Alliance’s Newest Ranker

The Murim Alliance’s newest ranker is none other than the reincarnated Lee Shin Woo. He had to start from the bottom as an E rank adventurer, but his unrivaled skills and abilities allowed him to rapidly climb the ranks. Now, he stands at the top as the strongest ranker in the Murim Alliance!

Of course, being the reincarnation of the Murim Alliance’s former ranker has its perks. He has the memories and skills of his past life, which he is able to use to his advantage in battle. Not to mention, he also has the support of his fellow reincarnated comrades, who are all powerfulrankers in their own right.

With the strength of the reincarnated Lee Shin Woo and his comrades, the Murim Alliance is now stronger than ever before!

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