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reformation of the deadbeat noble chapter 23

Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble Chapter 23

The 23rd chapter of the Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble manga series was released on May 5th, 2016. In this chapter, the deadbeat noble, who is now working as a butler, has to deal with a bunch of unruly nobles. Will he be able to reform them?


The 23rd chapter of Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble starts off with the protagonist, Ryou, being asked to reform a bunch of unruly nobles. These nobles have been causing trouble and their parents have asked Ryou to help them out. Ryou is not too sure if he can do it, but he is willing to try. He starts off by teaching them how to behave properly in public. He then moves on to teaching them how to be proper gentlemen. By the end of the chapter, the nobles have been reformed and they are now much better people. Ryou has successfully reformed another group of people and he is one step closer to his goal.

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