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nano machine chapter 67

Nano Machine Chapter 67

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nano machine, chapter, 67

A nano machine is a very small machine that can be used to build other machines or perform other functions. They are often used in manufacturing and other industrial applications. Nano machines are also being developed for use in medicine, such as for delivering drugs to specific cells in the body.


Nano machines have many potential applications. They can be used to create extremely small and precise structures or to perform delicate tasks such as cutting or welding. They may also be used in medicine to deliver drugs directly to specific cells in the body, or to perform surgery without making any large incisions. Nano machines could also be used to clean up environmental pollution, such as oil spills or chemical accidents.


Nano machines are still in the early stages of development. Much research is still needed to perfect their design and function. However, the potential applications of nano machines are vast, and they hold great promise for the future.

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