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mercenary enrollment chapter 50

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 50

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 50

The Curtain Rises on the Battlefield

The day of the battle finally arrived. Hajime and his party had completed their final preparations and checked their equipment one last time. After confirming that everyone was ready, they left the inn and made their way to the designated meeting place.

When they arrived, they found that the other mercenaries had already gathered. There were a total of 30 people, including Hajime and his party. They were all armed to the teeth and ready for battle.

The leader of the mercenaries, a man named Gustav, stepped forward and addressed the group.

» mercenaries, today we will be fighting against the Chaos Army. I know that many of you are new to this, but I have confidence in your abilities. We will not let them take our city without a fight!»

The other mercenaries cheered in response, eager to get started. Hajime and his party also felt a surge of determination. They knew that the battle was going to be tough, but they were ready for it.

Gustav then divided the mercenaries into two groups. Hajime and his party were assigned to the second group, which would be responsible for attacking the enemy’s flanks. The first group would take care of the enemy’s front line.

After the groups were decided, Gustav gave a final motivational speech before leading the way out of the city.

As they marched towards the enemy’s position, Hajime could feel the tension in the air. He knew that this was going to be a tough battle, but he was ready for it. He was determined to protect his friends and defeat the enemy.

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The Battle Begins

As the two sides approached each other, the enemy army came into view. They were a fearsome sight, armed with weapons and armor that Hajime had never seen before. The sight of them was enough to make anyone’s blood run cold.

Gustav gave the order to charge, and the two sides collided with each other. The battle had begun.

Hajime and his party were quickly surrounded by the enemy. They fought bravely, but they were outnumbered and outmatched. It was a tough battle, but they refused to give up.

Hajime was fighting fiercely, but he was slowly being overwhelmed by the enemy. He was about to be surrounded when he was saved by his friends. They fought back to back, protect each other from the enemy’s attacks.

The battle raged on, and neither side was able to gain an advantage. It was a close fight, but Hajime and his party were slowly being pushed back. The enemy was relentless in their assault, and Hajime’s party was starting to tire.

A Desperate Situation

Hajime and his party were in a desperate situation. They were surrounded and outnumbered, and they were slowly being forced back. The enemy was relentless in their assault, and Hajime’s party was starting to tire.

Just when it seemed like they were about to be defeated, Hajime had an idea. He turned to his friends and said, «I’m going to use my trump card. Be ready to cover me.»

He then activated his «Time Stop» ability. Everything around him froze in place, including the enemy. He quickly ran to the enemy’s commander and stabbed him in the heart. The commander fell to the ground, dead.

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With their commander dead, the enemy army was in disarray. Hajime and his party took advantage of the situation and fought their way out of the encirclement. They then regrouped with the other mercenaries and launched a counterattack.

The battle raged on, but Hajime and his party were slowly gaining the upper hand. The enemy was retreating, and Hajime’s party was hot on their heels. They were determined to win this battle and protect their city.

The Battle Ends in Victory

Hajime and his party were victorious. The enemy was defeated, and the city was saved. It was a hard-fought battle, but Hajime and his party were triumphant. They had protected their city and defeated the enemy.

After the battle, Hajime and his party returned to the inn. They were tired and battered, but they were alive. They had fought bravely and defeated the enemy. They were the heroes of the city.

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