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legendary youngest son of the marquis house chapter 5

legendary youngest son of the marquis house chapter 5

Chapter 5

The next day, after breakfast, the Marquis announced that he would be going into town and that his sons should entertain themselves in his absence.
The three brothers went outside to the stables where they found their father’s prized stallion, Blackjack.
The eldest brother, Bart, suggested that they race the horse around the property.
The middle brother, Frederick, thought that was a great idea and immediately mounted the horse.
However, the youngest brother, John, was not so sure.
He had never ridden a horse before and was afraid of getting hurt.
Bart and Frederick convinced John to try it and after a few minutes, he was able to mount the horse by himself.
Bart said that he would go first and see how it felt.
Frederick said that he would go next and John said that he would go last.
Bart took off and made it around the property in record time.
Frederick was not far behind.
John, on the other hand, was having a hard time staying on the horse.
Every time he tried to go faster, he would start to slip off.
Eventually, he was able to make it around the property, but he was a lot slower than his brothers.
When they got back to the stables, John was relieved to be off the horse.
Bart and Frederick were both laughing at him, but John didn’t care.
He was just happy that he didn’t get hurt.

Related words:

  • stallion – a male horse that has not been gelded
  • gelded – to remove the testicles of (a male animal), typically to make it calmer
  • mount – to get up on (a horse, bicycle, etc.) and ride it
  • slip – to move or cause to move suddenly and involuntarily from a position or place
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