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infinite level up in murim chapter 74

Infinite Level Up in Murim Chapter 74

Infinite Level Up in Murim Chapter 74

Welcome to the 74th chapter of Infinite Level Up. In this chapter, our protagonist Sung-jin Woo finally meets the person he’s been looking for.

Sung-jin Woo Meets His Match

After arriving in the murim world, Sung-jin Woo had been on the lookout for a strong opponent. And finally, in chapter 74, he meets someone who may be his match.

The person in question is none other than the head of the Myunghwa Guild, Kang Se-jun. Se-jun is a powerful fighter who has been causing trouble in the murim world.

Sung-jin Woo is finally able to track Se-jun down and the two have a fierce battle. Unfortunately, Sung-jin Woo is no match for Se-jun and is quickly defeated.

Sung-jin Woo’s Training

After his defeat at the hands of Se-jun, Sung-jin Woo decides that he needs to get stronger. In order to do that, he will need to train hard and get stronger.

Sung-jin Woo’s training will be the focus of the next few chapters. We’ll see how he fares against Se-jun and the other strong fighters in the murim world.

Stay tuned for more exciting chapters of Infinite Level Up!

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