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i tamed the crazy marquis ch 6

i tamed the crazy marquis ch 6

The Marquis had been kept away from the village for weeks, and when he was finally allowed to return, he was a changed man. No longer was he the wild, carefree youth who everyone knew and loved. He was now a serious, responsible adult, and he was determined to make up for all the trouble he had caused.

He started by apologizing to the villagers for all the mayhem he had caused, and then set about repairing all the damage he had done. He worked day and night, and within a month, everything was back to normal.

The villagers were amazed at the transformation in the Marquis, and they started to look at him in a new light. They began to respect him as a leader, and soon they were asking him for advice on all sorts of matters.

The Marquis had finally found his place in the world, and he was content.

Related Words

  • Tame – to control or subdue
  • Crazy – wild, uncontrollable
  • Marquis – a nobleman of high rank
  • Mayhem – chaos, disorder
  • Damage – harm, injury
  • Repair – to fix, to mend
  • Leadership – the quality of being a leader
  • Respect – to admire, to esteem

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