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general tullius headcanons

general tullius headcanons

General Tullius’ Headcanons

1. General Tullius is a strict but fair leader.

He expects a lot from his soldiers and has high standards, but he is also just and fair. He will listen to his men and take their suggestions into consideration. He wants what’s best for the Empire and its people.

2. General Tullius is a brilliant strategist.

He is always several steps ahead of his enemies and always has a plan. He is very analytical and always takes everything into consideration. He is also very adaptable and can change his plans on the fly if necessary.

3. General Tullius is a fierce warrior.

He is a master of combat and has unmatched strength and skill. He is a fearless leader and inspires others with his courage. He is always the first into battle and the last to leave.

4. General Tullius is a great speaker.

He is eloquent and always knows the right thing to say. He is a master of persuasion and can convince anyone of anything. He is also a great motivator and can inspire others to do their best.

5. General Tullius is a man of his word.

He is honest and honorable. He always keeps his promises and is always true to his word. He is someone you can always count on.

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