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come on now even if im not a villain

come on now even if im not a villain

Come on now even if I’m not a villain

What’s the deal with villains?

Are they born that way? Do they have a choice?

The origin story

Most villains have a tragic backstory that explains their descent into villainy. For example, the Joker was once a happy man with a loving wife and family. But after a series of unlucky events, he lost everything and went insane. Or take Darth Vader, who was seduced by the dark side of the Force and ended up betraying everything he held dear.

The choice

Villains usually have a moment where they could have chosen a different path, but they made the wrong choice. For example, in The Lion King, Scar has the chance to kill Simba when he’s a cub, but he decides to let him live. That choice comes back to haunt him later when Simba returns to overthrow him.

So what do you think? Are villains born or made?

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