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build up ch 34

build up ch 34

build up ch 34

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to build up (something) = to make it stronger or more solid

The fire was still burning when the firefighters arrived. They quickly built up a containment line around the perimeter of the fire.

After years of neglect, the old building was in need of a lot of work to build it up again.

How to build up your savings

Saving money can be difficult, but it’s worth it to have a cushion of cash for unexpected expenses or a rainy day. If you’re not sure how to get started, here are a few tips to help you build up your savings:

  • Start small. Even if you can only save $5 a week, that’s $20 a month or $240 a year. Every little bit helps.
  • Make it automatic. Set up a direct deposit from your paycheck into your savings account, or have a certain amount transferred from your checking account on a regular basis. That way, you’re less likely to spend the money if it’s not readily available.
  • Set a goal. Having a specific goal in mind will help you stay motivated to save. Whether you’re aiming to save $1,000 for a down payment on a car or $5,000 for a trip around the world, knowing how much you need to save will help you stay on track.
  • Make it a priority. Just like any other bill, treat your savings as a fixed expense and pay yourself first. You’ll be less likely to spend the money if you know it’s earmarked for your savings account.
  • Watch your account grow. Seeing your savings balance go up can be a great motivator to keep saving. And once you’ve reached your goal, you can use that money to celebrate your success!
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With a little effort and discipline, you can start building up your savings and achieve your financial goals.