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binbou reijou no kanchigai seijo den chapter 4

binbou reijou no kanchigai seijo den chapter 4

binbou reijou no kanchigai seijo den chapter 4

The misunderstanding of a poor noble girl chapter 4

In the previous chapter, we saw how the misunderstanding between a poor noble girl and a rich girl led to the former’s expulsion from the palace.

In this chapter, we will see how the misunderstanding is finally resolved.

It turns out that the rich girl, whose name is Kaguya, was actually the one who was expelled from the palace.

Kaguya was born into a noble family, but her parents died when she was young. She was then taken in by her uncle, who is a wealthy man.

Kaguya grew up in luxury, but she was always aware of the fact that she was not really a part of the family.

One day, Kaguya’s uncle announced that he was going to marry her off to a man she had never met before.

Kaguya was horrified at the thought of marriage, and she ran away from home.

She eventually ended up at the palace, where she met the poor noble girl, who was also named Kaguya.

The two girls became friends, and Kaguya decided to help her new friend get back into the palace.

Kaguya disguised herself as a servant and snuck the poor noble girl into the palace.

However, they were caught by the guards and Kaguya was expelled from the palace.

The poor noble girl was heartbroken, but she did not blame Kaguya.

She knew that Kaguya had only been trying to help her.

The poor noble girl was eventually able to get back into the palace on her own.


She met Kaguya again, and they were able to resolve the misunderstanding.

The two girls remained friends, and they both went on to live happy lives.