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anesten numbing cream

anesten numbing cream

Anesten Numbing Cream

Anesten Numbing Cream

Anesten numbing cream is a topical anesthetic that is used to numb the skin. It is typically used prior to tattooing, body piercing, and other procedures that involve needle punctures.

How does Anesten work?

Anesten numbing cream contains the active ingredient lidocaine, which is a type of local anesthetic. When applied to the skin, it works by blocking nerve signals in the area. This prevents the sensation of pain from being felt.

How long does Anesten last?

The effects of Anesten numbing cream typically last for one to two hours. However, this will vary depending on the individual.

Side effects of Anesten

The most common side effect of Anesten numbing cream is temporary numbness of the treated area. Other potential side effects include redness, itching, and swelling.

Anesten numbing cream vs. other numbing creams

There are a variety of numbing creams on the market, and they all work in a similar manner. However, Anesten numbing cream is one of the more popular options due to its effectiveness and relatively low cost.

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