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ab dl tumblr

ab dl tumblr

ab dl tumblr

Hey there! This is a blog dedicated to ABDLs (Adult Baby Diaper Lovers) on Tumblr. Here you’ll find posts about ABDL lifestyle, tips and advice, reblogs of cute ABDL content, and more.

What is ABDL?

ABDL is a lifestyle for adults who enjoy wearing diapers and acting like babies. This can involve everything from wearing diapers 24/7 to only wearing them during certain activities, like role-playing or when sleeping. Some ABDLs also enjoy age-play, where they take on the role of a child or infant in addition to wearing diapers.

Why Do People Become ABDLs?

There are many reasons why people become ABDLs. Some people enjoy the feeling of being diapers, while others find it comforting or relaxing. For some, it’s a sexual fetish or kink, while others simply enjoy the child-like innocence of the lifestyle. Whatever the reason, there’s no judgement here – we’re all just here to enjoy being ABDLs!

How to Be an ABDL on Tumblr

Here are some tips on how to be an ABDL on Tumblr:

  • Follow ABDL blogs and reblog their content
  • Post your own ABDL content – photos, videos, stories, etc.
  • Interact with other ABDLs in the community
  • Respect other people’s privacy and don’t share their personal information without permission

Welcome to the ABDL community on Tumblr! We hope you enjoy your time here!